toolTipField() method not working

According to best practices, data-related code that accesses data from the database or otherwise would benefit multiple forms should be placed on the table.  Examples of this are display methods, validations and business logic to be executed on inserts, updates, deletes.

It would be logical to think tool tips would be included as well, and there is a record method called toolTipField() which can be overridden in your table.

Only problem is, it’s not working.  (At least not in 2012R3)  The code doesn’t even get called.

To work around it, add the tool tip code directly to your forms instead.  Not best practice according to the book, but what works will always trump what doesn’t…

Electronics basics: Ohm's law

This is a post to explain the basics of electronics, starting with Ohm’s law.

Ohm’s law describes the relationship between the voltage, current and resistance in a circuit, and it is one of the basic physical laws that controls how circuits work.

We need to understand this law in order to select the correct resistors to use in our circuits and to control how much current will flow.  We also need to know how much power our circuit will draw and how much power each component will dissipate.  Too much power and things will heat up too much, burning out.

And yes, this post does contain garden hoses…

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Dynamics AX error: The fetch type refresh cannot be used with forward only cursors

I recently encountered a strange error in AX, where on opening a particular form, AX would throw an error saying “The fetch type refresh cannot be used with forward only cursors”.

Restarting the AOS, running full X++ recompile and full CIL generation did not resolve the problem.

“The fetch type refresh cannot be used with forward only cursors”

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Self-updating OTA firmware for ESP8266

As part of my recent projects, I have started including OTA firmware updates for my ESP8266 devices.  (Also known as FOTA)

Doing so is actually remarkably easy, thanks to the very good support for this exposed by the Arduino board support package.  The hardest thing actually becomes getting the web server side set up, rather than the changes required on the device itself.

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Website accessibility issues

There have been some website availability issues over the last 24 hours due to an issue with DNS records at my hosting provider.

The issue has now been resolved, and the site will be available once the updated DNS records are propagated through the Internet.

I apologise for any 404s users may have received during the outage.