Fix: Dynamics AX windows opening up behind everything else

If you have worked with Dynamics AX 2009, 2012, R2 or R3 for a while, at least more than an hour or so, you’ll have noticed that for some reason it tends to open new windows behind everything else.

You click a button to open a form, and then you wait for a while for the form to open.  Then you wait some more, and a bit more again.   And then you finally notice that the form has actually opened already.  AX just decided to play a bit of hide and seek with you and opened it behind everything else.

Brilliant design decision, that…

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Solar powered ESP8266

Recently, I added solar power to one of my ESP8266 weather stations.

With the right hardware, this was actually remarkably easy to do.  To make things nice and easy, I ordered an Adafruit USB/DC/Solar Li-Ion/Li-Poly charger.  (Top-right in the photo)  These boards can take DC input from USB, a 2.1mm power jack or from wires soldered directly onto the board.  It will then both charge a Li-poly battery and power a load.  Whatever power is left over from powering the load will be used to charge the battery, and if the load draws more than what the solar panel can provide, the rest will be drawn from the battery.

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Adding a colour picker lookup to an AX form

Here’s a quick and easy way to add a colour picker lookup to an AX form.

I’ve seen a number of different ways to add colour picker support to an AX form, but so far, this has been the easiest.  It is not ideal, because the colour picker opens up as a dialog window, something which can’t be easily worked around without resorting to using custom ActiveX or .NET controls.

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